Nidhi Amrut Pigmy Deposit

Nidhi Vandan Multipurpose Co-Operative Society Ltd. Provides Several Nidhi Amrut Pigmy Deposit Scheme To Uplift The Social And Financial Status Of Its Members By Inculcating Saving Habits In Them. Nidhi Amrut Pigmy Deposit Scheme Offer Attractive Interest Rates And Early Gratuity Period.



Every month deposite rs 250/- and get end of the year rs 3300/-

Every month deposite rs 500/- and get end of the year rs 6600/-

Every month deposite rs 1000/- and get end of the year rs 13200/-


Rs 100000/- Double At 75 Months + Per Month Pension Rs 300/-

Rs 100000/- Double At 10 Year Repayment After 10year Rs.400000/-

Rs 100000/- Double At 66 Month Repayment After 66 Month Rs. 200000

Rs 10000/- After 20year Rs.160000+ Bonus Rs.15000/- Total=Rs.175000


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