His is a story of extreme tenacity and focus, for someone who ran a cycle shop to reach great heights as a reputed builder. It was the discerning eyes of Shri Gopalrao Chitnis, who identified this young man’s zeal and entrusted some land to him for development. That one chance opportunity resulted in him identifying his passion and led to the foundation of a whole new business in 1982. He was extremely fortunate to have three sons who took his legacy forward and the family’s torchbearers today include the third generation as well.



My Father BABURAO .P. SAYANAK Had Established A Business In 1982. He Wants To Adept Himself According To Changing Business Environment And Wants Develop For That Reason My Father Told Me To Join Family Business. In 2003 My Father Hand Over The Business To Me And I Discussed With My Elder And Younger Bother To Make Nidhi Group To Enter In Various Sectors.

The second of the Sayanak brothers, Uday is the dynamic leader whose vision and single minded focus on growth has taken the company to great heights today. He has created a mark in the field of land development and construction of apartments and bungalows. After gaining a rich experience for over 20 years, Uday Sayanak laid the foundation of his own business NIDHI CONSTRUCTIONS.

He has ensured that every single project that the company handles will be delivered to utmost satisfaction of the clients. This resulted in his reputation spreading far and wide and soon clients flocked to the company for their needs. What differentiates the company from the others is its strict focus on being family owned-family managed, aided by a team of skilled and dedicated team of technical experts who work on several projects.

The company also boasts of its own equipment including construction  machines, earth movers and transport vehicles which enables timely completion of all projects.

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